Articles and Book Pieces about or by the artist

Interview in Animal Magazine.

An interview with the artist in Animal New York magazine. Interview with Scantographer Brian Miller.

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SX Book
Pornografias IV

SX - La Sexualidad Es Tan Fragil Como el Amor - Pornografias IV.
Fourth in the series published by Carmen de al Guerra Gallery in Madrid. Produced by Lola group. ISBN: 84-609-6225-3. Registration number 05-45022. Deposito legal M-27225-2005.

Article about Technique and Madrid Show.

Article in The Barcelona Reporter about artist Brian Miller's nonlens technique for making photopraphic images, and the exhibition in Madrid.

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Piece in NYArts magazine.

From the group show Armed Artists of America, a print run, and a muliple page layout piece in the New York art magazine NTArts.

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Chicago Era Cred

Loud action packed paintings touring music venues like Elbo Room, Lounge Ax, and Smart Bar.

Plus a review of the Steppenwolf show.